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Company as a Learning Organization

By : Taufik Ray.

Once after completing his studies at school or college, we all continue to live to make money through various ways such as trade, became a teacher, an employee or a sole entrepreneur or a businessman with lots of employees.
But what's the difference between each of the above options?
Everything has advantages and disadvantages according to interest, a person has a chance. And all the choices may be optimal for a person.
And in general a lot of people working in the Company as an option to earn a living together.

Is the learning process stops when we work?
When we are in the company we think it's time to find the money and we say goodbye time to learn. When in fact the process of learning in school is able to explore the basis for real learning in the workplace or the business world.
In principle, the company can be a good means to grow:
1) To learn and get paid
2) Career that we have pride or profession
3) Collection and transmit science for others
4) social interaction in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Knowing the structure of the Company Organization
Any small business in general must be aware of starting or market opportunities, and raise money for capital, building products, selling products to customers, benefit, maintain service quality, expand business scale and so on.
For example a meatball vendor, must be very aware of the above items and strive every day to find a way to better product quality, customer taste, the service is nicer and faster, thus increasing profits earned multiplied. Failure of a carpenter meatballs in running each function above will result in cessation of business or business bankruptcy may he pioneered.
Similarly, a company generally have an organizational structure to implement the above functions more formally as follows:
1) The function of Finance (Planning, Capitalization, Billing, Operational Biaya2 handling etc.)
2) Function Marketing (Planning, Targeting, Promotion, Selling, After sale services, etc.)
3) Production functions (planning, product creation, quality control, consistency of delivery in terms of quantity and quality)
4) Function HR / Staffing (planning, recruitment, training / coaching, compensation, reward & punishment provision, career guidance, etc.)
5) Etc.
The difference is that builders Meatballs run it alone, and maximum working only 12 hours, while the companies work together or teamwork. Where all the above functions must run in harmony. If not will result in atrophy of the business or even go bust.

What is the difference between working alone and working in a company?
As previously communicated in our companies need to work in a team (team work) so that maximum results. Was it team work? Team can be interpreted as follows:
T = Together
E = Everyone
A = Achieve
M = More

So the purpose of teamwork is to jointly achieve more than their own. And results that can be enjoyed far greater than their own work or call it a synergistic effect where 1 + 1> 2; be 3, 4 or more again.

Furthermore Know Marketing Function
As described above marketing function is one of the pillars of the company because without it the product that was made was not sold, no return of capital, sources of funds to pay the employee does not exist and the company eventually went bankrupt.
Marketing activities are as follows:
1) Identify market opportunities in the segment where
2) Make a prospect (prospect database)
3) Knowing more detailed prospect's needs
4) Selecting a true-to product for potential prospects
5) Conducting promotion / approach potential prospects kpd
6) Conducting meetings / follow-up book at the prospect of
7) Changing the prospects into buyers
8) Make the buyer becomes the customer (service dg)
9) Increase sales from time to time.

What provisions should be owned by a marketer? (Salesmanship)
Given the importance of marketing function is the one who jumped in this area should have a provision for an optimal and he qualified in his field. Basic provisions include the following:

1) Personality:
A marketer must got a great positive personality, confident, smiling, solutive thinking, sincerity, service, respect and have a noble goal to give the best for its customers. It looks difficult, but believe that every person can become a good marketer if he wants.

2) alternating Skill:
A marketer must develop communication skills to sell, negotiation, patience serving complaints, stay focused on goals, and so on. Must learn buku2 selling skills or learn from the seniors who are more mature and practiced until he was secure in my own communication style.

3) Product Knowledge:
A marketer must develop an intimate knowledge of the products it sells, so he has a variety of ways to explain to prospective buyers in accordance with the needs of the buyer or buyer's level of knowledge.

4) Networking:
A marketer must develop networking, good interpersonal relationships with their customers network, so the pattern is so good relations not only in business but also personal (friendship). In this way the constraints to penetrate the market is able to overcome more than 50%.

In general, a marketer should have a positive image of himself, his company, its products, prospective customers so that he can give the best to its customers and all parties including the company where he worked.

How do I increase sales
If a marketer has succeeded in marketing the product he would not feel satisfied if it has not increased success from day to day, month after month and year to year.

Based on the sequence of a job selling: prospecting, closing, selling. So there are various ways to increase sales include the following:
1) Determining back special offers (Unique Selling Point) to differentiate the product, your company with others. USP must be understood all employees and easily explained to the prospect
2) Increasing the number of prospects (Extending Database prospecting)
3) Increasing the number of prospects into customers (eg better Approach. Phone / meeting)
4) Increase the number of purchases from each customer (Cross Selling / Up Selling)
Cross Selling: selling an additional product or service to an existing customer
Up Selling: Selling ore expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to
make a more profitable sale.

The third way can be respectively or jointly.

Our motto:
Let us learn to know people more ....!!!
Let us learn to help people more ....!!!
Let us learn to sell more products ....!!!

Bro n Sis Let's Learn to go to market


General Accounting


I. a. Uses of Accounting Information

In actual daily life imperceptibly we have used this accounting services. When a mother makes a record of who has purchased goods today, in fact he was doing some accounting techniques. Why keep records? because of the need for information that can be used to determine the action taken. From the record shop today, the mother wanted to know how much money has been released today. For what? to find out what items have been purchased, so it can decide which items still need to be purchased. Pricing information therein can be used as a guide when buying the next month.

In a large company, the information you need so many and varied. For example a company in the production need to know the cost of new products that will be generated. If this information is compared with the cost of long products, then this could be the basis of the decision whether new products should continue.

Large companies responsible to shareholders, the government and the community. For this liability management to manage the resources controlled as possible. They also need to measure the results achieved. Information about how to manage and the results achieved should be reported to the parties who must accept responsibility. That information is used in decision-making process. For example giving a gift to a successful, giving a warning to not work, accept / reject the demand for credit.

In the accountability system was a flow of information from the account to the receiving account. Accounting can help in producing the necessary information.

Concluded that the above accounting would result in useful information for those who organize or outsiders. Usability is mainly associated with the process of decision making and accountability. Accounting is a medium of communication, therefore, often referred to as "the language of business".

I. b. Understanding Accounting

1. Accounting is the process of identification, measurement and reporting of economic information.
2. Economic information produced by accounting is expected to be useful in assessment and decision-making regarding the relevant business unit.

Accounting is a discipline that provides critical information that allows for the implementation and assessment of the efficient running of the company
There are 4 main role of accounting in any business that is:
1. Financial Control
2. Operating Company
3. Reporting
4. Planning.


BUMI Consulting, General Company Profile

BUMI CONSULTING offers Small & Medium Enterprises ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS is a complete and integrated. In the following Scope BUMI CONSULTING services to ensure that the perpetrators of Small & Medium Enterprises will always get the appropriate solution conditions and the level of business problems. Learn the scope of other services are included below:
 Course & Training:
Arranging Courses & Training as a continuation, deepening or follow-up of the process via awareness seminars to the public, especially business people and those involved in it, about the importance of monitoring as a tool ACCOUNTING & standard language of business.

 Consulting & Coaching:

Providing Consulting Services & ACCOUNTING Guidance intensive field to optimally Utilized by the public audience of the actors, especially actors Small & medium business.

 Information Technology Implementation:

Providing Consulting Services in utilizing information technology in the form of Accounting Information System to be used optimally by the public audience of the actors, especially actors small & medium business.

 SOP Review & Development:
The study provides Consulting Services Opertaing Standard Procedure - ACCOUNTING order to recognize the strengths and weaknesses, so that corrective action can be taken to support the development and growth of small business & medium.

Our Team:
To maintain the quality of the work to the satisfaction of our customers strengthen the organizational structure is composed of service as follows:

 Research & Development:
find the latest information and development of consulting packages that follow the market developments and customers' specific needs.

 expert & Consulting:
Who understand the flow of general business and continue to develop a unique understanding of each type of business and ready to dialogue to understand the specific needs of customers.

 The Trainer:
customers who are ready to train systematically and step by step with patience.

 The Foreign Service Officer Consultant:
is ready to hear the needs of the market, researching, and became one of our strengths to keep up-to-date